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Biting Strategies - Babycenter!

"Preschoolers bite when they're mad or feel threatened, usually because they're having trouble communicating their feelings. Actions speak louder than words, so ... chomp!

But just because biting is understandable doesn't mean it's acceptable. Clearly let your child know the behavior is not allowed. Be calm but firm: "No biting. Biting hurts people." Then direct your attention to soothing the child who was bitten. Making a big fuss over a biter only encourages him to try this attention-getter another time. Later you can empathize with the situation and repeat the rule: "You were mad because Sam took your truck. But no biting. If you get mad you need to use your words or come tell Mommy."

Sometimes "biting epidemics" storm through a daycare group. This happens because preschoolers are keen observers and copy behaviors that seem to get grown-ups worked up. That's another reason to handle the situation in a firm but low-key way."

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-Babycenter. Expert Advice